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Increase flexibility balance vibrancy body awareness posture n energy fun n happiness
strengthen tone n gain calmness n inner peace.

Life can be busy. It is nice to slow down and smell the roses,

be still and obtain balance. "It is in the stillness we find calm" 


Level one Vinyasa is a gentle to medium flow.

Holding postures for balance strengthening and toning the whole


Incorporating various breathing techniques to keep energy within

the body. It is invigorating, refreshing and calming.

Built and based on 30 postures and their variations.

The class is tailored for the needs of each individual person.

No yoga experience is required.

Yoga is very flexible! It creates more flexibility in the body, mind and daily living. Helping activities to be done with ease.

Done on a regular basis Vinyasa Yoga will help you to flow through 

life easier. 

It helps to maintain suppleness.

Eases aches and pains to the point of freedom in most cases.

Yoga is a wonderful tool for relieving stress and anxiety and many other ailments.

Throughout the class we will work on all areas of the body.

Stretching opening releasing and clearing blockages.

Yoga deepens the connection with the self and with others.

It is scientifically proven our positive thoughts and actions have a benefit on our nervous and organ systems, DNA, neurologically, immune and glandular systems, our health, 

heart mind body and soul.


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