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I'm passionate about Yoga & it's profound benefits 

I have been practicing regularly for 11 years doing over 12 000 hours. I completed my Vinyasa Level One Teacher Training in 2016. Since then I have continued yoga studies including yoga for kids, disability, seniors, mudras chakras, intuitively n energetically. Yoga is so vast n the variations n techniques appear to be endless. Yoga is a way of life n often has a huge impact on peoples lives.

Yoga means to unite. 

It is an extremely powerful practice.

Yoga works on all systems of the body.

Lengthens & stretches the muscles releasing tightness & tension.

Creates balance. Tones & strengthens. Expands the chest & lungs

Increases spinal flexibility. Massages internal organs.

Improves digestion.

Calms the nervous system & the mind.

Develops more concentration & co ordination.

Gives vitality and vibrancy.

Increases body awareness & confidence.

Improves posture & alignment.

Develops coping abilities. Relieves many ailments.

Increases immunity health & well being.

Deepens connection & awareness of the heart mind body & soul.

Brings peacefulness, harmony & happiness


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